Sunday, March 8, 2009


This past month I've been a rubber tramp.  Now this may be a somewhat extreme statement, feeling as though I have been living out of a car, but it is what it is. Hitting the pavement day after day and not venturing too far off the beaten path is so dull.  Life in the fast lane doesn't feel fast at all it just feels stressful, and in the case of city living as I am referring to here, the fast lane is nothing special. Nothing as you would hope it to be.  It becomes a weary race against the clock on the way to a very slow photo finish between yourself and the five lanes of traffic next to you. Surely, not a winning bet!  Though we've all experienced our share of traffic woes, what is most extraordinary is the feeling of breaking loose from this cycle of pavement. 
My travels have taken me not too far and much further. And the further I go from the city the more freedom I feel.  One of my ideas for this blog is to document areas within the Northwest where I would like to someday open a cafe. What kind of cafe you may ask? Imagine walking into a restaurant fashioned after on old farmhouse, with wood plank floors and white walls. All the food prepared would be from local farms from the surrounding area and meals would be served using fresh ingredients.  Menus would be created with the season. In March, a squash and sage risotto, in May, asparagus and prosciutto bread pudding, and in August, a blackberry cobbler with vanilla lemon swirl ice cream may perhaps grace the table. 
Throughout this year, I hope to travel off the beaten path to some of the following locations which will give me ideas for my cafe and a better feel for the community of people, produce, and restaurants there:  Astoria, Yamhill, and McMinville (Oregon), Port Townsend, Mount Vernon, Winthrop, Yakima, Ritsville, and Goldendale (Washington). Do you have a suggestion?


  1. This is a wonderful idea!! Those places are beautiful and could use a person like you! I will be interested to see how you like Yamhill and McMinville.

  2. Walla Walla. I think you would love it. The drive from the Tri Cities is amazing! Great onions and wine. I'm sure there are some amazing restaurants.