Friday, March 13, 2009

New Local Product: Skagit Fresh Sparkling Juices

I was shopping at Whole Foods recently and came across a friendly store vendor giving out samples of a new local product. Neatly across the table were small dixie cups filled with four delicious flavors. Naturally, I gravitated toward strawberry but raspberry, blackberry, and blueberry are also available. When sampled, it is bright and fresh with just the right amount of sweetness, not overdone like many other sodas on the market.  The friendly man passing out samples was actually volunteering his time as a member of the state-funded Northwest Agriculture Business Center.  He told me the idea of creating this refreshing beverage is to help save orchards in Skagit Valley and keep apple farmers farming. Enjoy drinking sweet juice all year and help save local apple trees! You can buy Skagit Fresh Sparkling Juices at Haggen Foods, Top Foods, Metropolitan Market, Whole Foods, PCC, and other locations throughout Western Washington.  (Read an article about this product).

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  1. I just had a blackberry Skagit Fresh and it was so great!! This is an awesome post that lets us all utilize our potential to support our local products. I will buy this any day of the week, especially over Izzies or any other kind of sweet pop. Thanks Erica!