Monday, March 2, 2009

What's in Your Pantry?

I find that I am a better cook when I can pick from the ingredients I have available to me rather than have any number of ingredients to choose from.  Now this may change with time and experience but being able to make a meal with a handful of ingredients in my kitchen has saved me money, made for healthier meals than eating out, and can be a lot of fun too. So, what's in your pantry?
There is a growing global SLOW FOOD movement happening before us. Have you heard of it? People all around are taking the time to actually cook a meal at home, yes that is what I said. And by doing so, are creating a new way of living and eating for themselves.  The idea is to move beyond a food system that has become complex and industrialized.  It is a mission to reconnect all people, especially Americans, with the people, traditions, plants, animals, fertile soils and waters that produce our food.  By having a greater understanding of the many elements that contribute to the meals on our table, we can collectively make informed decisions about what we buy, where we buy it from, and what exactly it is we are consuming. Making meals at home, is a great way to get started.  
I've made a list of several ingredients that I have in my pantry that make it possible for me to come home from work, open up the door to my pantry, and create something delicious from scratch. Even if you depend on recipes to pull together meals, these key basic ingredients are staples for any home chef.  Add a few fresh, seasonal/local ingredients to any combination of items on this list and you are in for a classy meal!
Olive Oil, Salt (kosher), Pepper, Herbs/Spices (Rosemary, Parsley, Bay Leaf, Dill, Cumin, Paprika, Ancho, Cinnamon), Chicken Broth, Onions, Pastas/Beans/Lentils, Garlic, Canned Diced Tomatoes, Vinegar (Balsamic, Rice, Red Wine, or Apple Cider), Brown Sugar, Cooking Wine (Vermouth), Honey, Tomato Paste, Rice/Grains, Nuts (slivered almonds, pecans, walnuts), and Flour/Cornstarch.

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  1. I like this lentil soup recipe, and I usually have all the ingredients at home. You don't need to put in everything. I've made it about 5 times, all different, and each time is unique and good.