Monday, May 7, 2012

Thrifty Tips: My Birthday Dress

Alas, Spring is finally here. And so it felt today.

The sun was out, the air was warm, and there was a bustle on the streets from all us vitamin D deprived Pacific Northwesterners. I spent the morning working from a coffee shop and then spent the afternoon attending a Red Cross CPR/AED training. After my class, since I just happened to be at the Goodwill of all Goodwills in the Seattle area, I stopped to see if I could find some thrift store treasures. I love thrift stores. I find all kinds of cool stuff. So, every once in awhile when I do, I like to show you. Mainly so you can be jealous and then go to a thrift store yourself to see if you can find yourself something awesome too.

It has taken a couple days to convince myself that I would splurge and buy a cute dress from Anthropologie, one of my favorite clothing stores that I hardly buy clothing from anymore. It's my birthday soon and I want a birthday dress. The reason why it took a couple days to convince myself was because Anthropologie dresses are a pretty penny. I can expect to pay a minimum of $150 for one. That is a lot for a dress! But, people buy them everyday. And so was I. That is, until I went to Goodwill this afternoon. I was browsing the aisles, sorting past one garment after another, while discovering patterns, color and an assortment of fabrics, when all of a sudden I stumbled on a familiar name. The dress I had stopped at was a beautiful dress full of spring time color that not only swayed in the gentle breeze of someone walking by, it was also from the very store I planned to visit and that I dearly love: Anthropologie! A thrift store find in the record books and a birthday present to me. Now what will I do with the rest of the birthday money I saved from this magical thrift store purchase?

I also found a lovely lace top (below) that I am hoping will go quite well with a certain pair of birthday jeans, as well as a butterfly tank top and a long cherry sweater (see again below).

Happy spring. Cheers to finding your very own thrift store treasures!

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