Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Twelve Simple Christmas Gifts

Christmas can be complicated or it can be simple. It can be full of stress or it can be full of hope. I can remember as a child getting certain gifts, but most of them I've forgotten. What I do remember are Christmas traditions and time spent with family and friends. Those are the gifts that stick and that make Christmas really fun!

This year my family decided we are going to have a ten dollar gift limit, which makes for a really creative gift or something simple and sweet. Last year, I blogged about twelve simple Christmas gifts that you can make yourself and are all still cool and hip. This year, I've done the same. I've looked around online and here are a few of my favorite simple gifts that I thought I'd share with you. You'll hopefully find some options for men, women, and kids. A little something for everyone!

Twelve Simple Christmas Gifts

Lemon Sugar Hand Scrub: I love everything citrus and what better way to enjoy winter than by reinvigorating your skin and senses with this lemon sugar hand scrub. This would be a perfect gift for Mom, Grandma, or one of your best friends!

Handmade Yarn Wreath Ornaments: Need a cute little something to go along with the cookie trays you give your friends this year? Add a simple Christmas ornament to it. This is a perfect gift for coworkers, friends, and neighbors!

Wine Cork Coasters: Wine corks are easy to come by, just ask about any wine shop or restaurant and you will walk out with a bunch. These coasters are trendy and sophisticated and a perfect gift for your wine loving friends and family!

Bottle Cap Magnets: Did you ever have alphabet magnets? Print letters instead of numbers or simply create your own unique designs with these stylish magnets! A fun gift for anyone who loves words and numbers!

Vintage Belt Frame: Know a cowboy or cowgirl in your family who would love a unique picture frame to display their memories? Thrift stores (or your own closet) are full of old belts with character. Don't forget to include your favorite photo to put in the frame!

Homemade Cutting Boards: Do you like to entertain and cook or know someone who does? These cutting boards are a perfect gift for your culinary friends. Complementary gifts could include artisan cheeses (for a cheese tray!) or a vintage cookbook (maybe from your own collection!).

Leather Envelope Phone Case: Tech accessories are always a hit! This design is simple and easy, even for a novice do-it-yourselfer!

Cardboard Kitty Pad: Even the cat can enjoy a Christmas gift. And what a better gift than a scratching bad made of cardboard. Your cat or your cat loving friends will love it! Meow Christmas!

Fabric-Covered Thumbtacks: Just about everyone has a bulletin board or hangs things on their walls. Why not spruce those tacks up and make them a fun accent to your decor and the things you care about. Create a set for your friends or your teenager and put them in a cute jar or decorative box as a gift.

Felt Rose Ring: Feeling rosy this Christmas? Try creating this beautiful ring!

Flavored Specialty Salts: Here is another gift idea for your culinary minded friends! Chive and shallot salt, curry salt, you name it. Perfect on all sorts of food, including popcorn when you are watching holiday movies! Package in spice containers or small glass jars with cute lables.

Framed Chalkboard: Take an old framed picture and turn it into a chalkboard for a fun way to take messages, write greetings, or to share sweet nothings!

Are you doing something unique for Christmas this year? Do you plan on making gifts? I'd love to hear!

photo credit: Jerry McCollum

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