Wednesday, February 8, 2012

I'm Coming Home!

Hello everyone! Internet connectivity has been quite poor the last couple days from my hotel. I am writing you on my last full day in Chile before flying home. I've been traveling now for almost four weeks! Tomorrow morning I am taking a bus from Pucon to Valdivia. I will spend the day there until my evening flight. It is a 25 hour journey home. I have had a great time here in Pucon with Mercedes. It is fun working with her and it was so nice meeting her family.

Pucon is a crazy town right now. It is party central. There are teenagers everywhere and young families. The beaches are crowded with umbrellas and the sidewalks are packed with window shoppers and people eating out. It is a little much for me. I love the setting of Pucon. It is surrounded by mountains, big lakes, and national parks. The rivers are ready for rafting and kayaking. The recreational opportunities are endless. I like that. The town is nestled a little too close for comfort for me next to Volcan Villarrica, Chile's most active volcano, but it has been safe since the 1970s so the odds are potentially good between now and when I leave that the steady stream of smoke coming from the top will stay as it is. I would definitely come back here in either December or January, but not during this crazy month of February. There are just too many people, unless you plan to spend most of your time outside of town.

I did get a chance to sit on the beach today. I was soaking up the sun before I return to winter! I counted, in about four to five months we will be getting weather like this in Washington! The sun was warm today. I think I may be coming home with a little bit of a tan and I loved feeling the warm breeze on my skin. I ate out twice today. For lunch I had ceviche and for dinner a traditional Chilean casserole dish made with creamed corn, ground beef, chicken, basil, and olives. I will miss the good food I've tried along the way!

My bags are packed and I am ready to go. South America is an amazing country and so big to explore! I love the diversity of plant and animal life, the warm weather, and the wonderful people I've met along the way, but I am also looking forward to being a home body for awhile now!

Thanks for following my blog with me on my travels! Here are a few more pictures to share. Chao!

Above: Volcan Felafel House (the name I've given it). A small cafe downtown.

Above: A view of Pucon from a street downtown.

Above: Villarrica Lake during sunset. It is home to many boats and jet skis during the summer!

Above: My coworker's daughter's puppy Kila. She was so sleepy, I moved her to this position and she stayed like this without waking up. She is the happiest puppy.

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