Thursday, March 25, 2010

Thrifty Tips: Buy in Bulk

Occasionally I am going to write on how I am saving money in my daily life. I've realized over the last several months my food budget has gone through the roof! I love grocery shopping, that is the problem. I could wonder the store for hours, not kidding. And like most of us, I also like eating out. However, I want to begin saving money where I can. One way I've found to do this is to buy in bulk. This past weekend I went to Whole Foods, aka Whole Paycheck. I know that is the last place I should be going if I love to grocery shop but the real reason I went there, over other grocery stores, was because they have an amazing bulk food section. Many grocery stores do these days. Find the one closest to you to stock up on key pantry items.

I bought French green lentils ($1.80/lb), orzo ($3/lb) and spelt berries ($1.80/lb). Often, bulk items go on some really good sales which makes for even more savings. At home, I also have split peas, rice, and dried beans in my pantry. I store my dry ingredients in mason jars, which are also cheap and are usually for sale at the same grocery store (in the baking section) you are buying your bulk food items in. Making dinners or lunch salads from dry ingredients is super easy by adding some seasonings/fresh herbs, vegetables, grilled meat or cheese. Not only is it more affordable to eat this way, it is very healthy. So, what did I eat this week? I made orzo pasta with fresh grilled asparagus (in season and on sale for $1.99/lb), caramelized onions and cubes of brie melted in. It was delicious and I had left overs the next day for lunch! Eating healthy and saving money couldn't feel any more rewarding!

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