Monday, January 11, 2010

No Microwave, No Problem!

When I began looking for a new apartment, I visited several places. They were all different. Some big, some very tiny, and others just not bearable. It is hard finding a one bedroom apartment in Seattle that is affordable, which is why I am so lucky I found where I am. The biggest bonus of the place, is that everything around is walkable. A new QFC is only two blocks away, the year-round West Seattle Farmer's Market is another three. I am close to coffee shops and cafes as well as a one hundred year old Catholic Church. I hear the church bells ring every morning at eight. The First Noel was this week's selection. I also have a south facing window, which I am very excited about. Because I love to watch the ever changing sky, my most comfortable chair faces out to a neighborhood view with plenty of sky space. I already saw one fantastic sunrise this week! The rest of the interior space is comfortable and roomy with a nice sized kitchen! It wasn't until a couple days ago, however, after I was all moved in, that someone asked me, where is the microwave? Hmm, hey look at that, I don't have one!? Not that microwaves are that hard to come by but all my life I've been pretty accustomed to having one around. So, I've decided, I don't need one and I actually don't want one either. These days, it is more important for me to slow down from the fast paced life that is just outside my door and that looms around my desk at work. If I can plan ahead and make the time to cook a nice dinner then I am going to make the time to reheat it on the stove or in the oven. And rather than being on the run or eating something all together too convenient and therefore not as healthy, I am confident that my choice in not owning a microwave will not only foster more meals prepared with whole ingredients it will help me settle down and actually reclaim time to my day, the time that is too often passed on to all the rushing around! Perhaps too then, I'll get done some long awaited reading.


  1. I like this idea!! Who needs a microwave anyway! It'll just clutter up all your nice counter space. Your apartment is awesome!

  2. Sounds like an excellent flat in an excellent location. And yeah, microwaves are useful for reheating leftovers -- but so is a stove -- and for heating water for drinks -- but so is an electric kettle, or a stove. They beat conventional cooking for quick baked potatoes, and that's about it.

  3. Well, there have been many days since I wrote this post were I have thought of getting a microwave. After using one for like- my whole life!- it is definitely an attitude adjustment, a new way of thinking. But now it is coming to be second nature for me. For instance, this morning I heating water for my coffee (I have a french press) and while the coffee was brewing, I poured the remaining hot water into my coffee mug to warm it up, thus avoiding the need to want to microwave to keep my coffee hot. I am reading a book right now called, Depletion and Abundance, where solutions to climate change are focused on a lower energy, lower money world. I'm seeing what I can do one thing at a time.