Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Thrifty Tips: No Coupons

Trying to save money on your grocery bill?

Are you a coupon lover?

Believe it or not, coupon cutting may not save you the most money when it comes to reducing your grocery bills. What will? Well, cooking from scratch is a good first effort. Having a menu plan for the week doesn't hurt either and is something I often lack because of my busy schedule. But everyone has that excuse, right?

The reality is, the best way to save money, waste less food, and eat healthier is to spend some time each week on a menu and stick to it. It can be hard to make the switch from grab and go to stay at home. Just this week alone I've fallen into that pattern. I've made several trips to the grocery store already. Each time I go, I never really have a plan beyond one or two days, which leaves me with a higher bill than if I would of planned a menu. As a result, I also haven't been packing lunches to work and have been eating out more regularly. I don't mind eating out every once in awhile, but for me I'd like it to be a once a week thing, not an every day habit.

I saw a friend on Facebook post a really good article in the Desert News recently called, "No Coupons: Secrets to Beat Rising Food Costs" that I'd like to pass along to all of you. In it, you will find the story of one woman who gave up coupons, started cooking from scratch, and found herself saving more money for her household (and just as important, wasting less food).

See for yourself, cooking from scratch can be cool!

Read the article here:

No Coupons: Secrets to Beat Rising Food Costs


  1. Great post! Thank you for sharing it! I whole-heartedly agree.

    I wrote a similar post just last week about how we stick to the grocery budget (without coupons - I h.a.t.e. coupons!)


  2. Neat! I shared this with my group of AmeriCorps VISTA members who are taking a vow of poverty this year and could use to save some money in the food department. I totally agree about how coupons are for name brand food and usually highly processed convenience food that isn't healthy for you anyway. Great article! Thanks for sharing!

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