Friday, January 20, 2012

Seafood Pie

On my last full day at the Valdivian Coastal Reserve, we drove to a small restuarant in a tribal community on a bluff just above the ocean. Everywhere I looked I saw the horizon meeting the sea. Just another ordinary view in this region of Chile!

I'm not able to write much tonight, but I wanted to share with you a culinary treat I had at this small cafe, because it was so delicious. I had seafood pie. Think shephard's pie, but with layers of mashed potatoes and a seafood filling of white fish and abalone. It also had hard boiled egg. It was very hearty and delicious! There is no excuse, we should be making this back at home!

I am on my way to Bariloche, Argentina Saturday. I will be making the trek over the Andes mountains by bus. I leave Valdivia in the morning. Pray for me I have a relaxing trip! I plan on taking in the views as the scenery flashes by. Chao!

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