Thursday, November 17, 2011

Garden Treasures

Over the years my Grandmother has tilled and nurtured her garden. Through time and patience she has grown beautiful flowers and delicious vegetables. Come in late April, the garden is a site to see! Colorful displays of flowers show in every shade of Easter. Even now in the cold, short days of late fall, a few apples remain hung on the trees like bright red Christmas ornaments amongst dead leaves and branches.

The other day I was visiting with my Grandma while standing at the sink doing dishes. On a plate to the right of the sink sits a plate full of trinkets, broken glass, and special stones. Shiny cowboys and green army men lay amongst the rubble. My curiosity got the best of me and I had to ask where these treasures came from. "They came from my garden", my Grandma said. Over the years, season after season, of digging and planting, tilling and shoveling she collected these small treasures and saved them. She saved them because this home and this land have memories and keepsakes that only time can give. These treasures may take the form of trinkets, but they only do so to jog treasured memories. They've come from her family and friends, from children and grandchildren, and from decades of tending to this place.

Here are a few more garden treasures she's found along the way...

Do you have treasures you have saved over the years in the garden or elsewhere?

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