Tuesday, October 4, 2011

My Last Day in Lima

As quick as I got here I am off again, this time to go home. I feel like there is much more I could see, but I've had a wonderful trip and I am thankful for each part of it and especially the wonderful people I've meet along the way. I would definitely like to come back to Peru someday. It is such a unique place with rich history, culture, food, and diversity of life. Being on the road and in the air for almost three weeks has given me wonderful experiences, but I am definitely looking forward to returning to the Pacific Northwest which I must say rivals some of the amazing beauty I've found in South America.

Last night night I was able to see one more section of the city, the Barranco district. This Bohemian district is full of colonial buildings, cobble streets, and galleries featuring local Peruvian artists. It sits just above the ocean and you can feel and almost taste the sea air. Today a group of us went back for lunch to a restaurant where we had cebiche, scallops, and more chicha morada! I'm getting totally spoiled by Peruvian food.

I haven't had a lot of time to explore Lima, but here are a few things I've discovered on my visit...

Traffic lights do not come with pedestrian signals

Peruvian drivers in Lima do not stop or slow down for pedestrians. Beware.

Crossing the street is like playing frogger. Find your spot and go!

The lemons are green in Peru and have a sweet, tangy punch. Very unique!

Seafood is enjoyed everywhere, from shellfish to the smallest anchovy on up to grouper and swordfish

Taxis are everywhere and they honk at you if they think you need a ride

The people know how to enjoy their city including their parks and public spaces

Lima is a coastal desert city, it rarely rains. This changes as you go up in elevation towards the highlands and jungle.

Peru's biodiversity is home to over 6,000 plant and animal species

The world’s largest fishery is located on the Peruvian coast

Lima's population is approaching 9 million people

The urban area of Lima covers over 300 square miles

The pisco sour I tried in Lima was just as good as the one I tried in Santiago. I am saying this so I don't get in to trouble...

Suspiro a la limena is a good treat to end a trip!

The sun is quickly setting here in Lima. It has been a wonderful trip. I am now looking forward to an upcoming weekend in Seattle! I'm not sure I'll recognize my house when I walk in, but I know it won't take long to settle back down. Thanks for following my blog through all my travels! Chao for now!

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