Friday, August 26, 2011

Viva Valdivia

The Nature Conservancy manages an amazing property in southern Chile near the coastal town of Valdivia. I am in Valdivia all day Friday attending a marine conservation planning workshop with scientists and fisherman from the region. Valdivia is a major fishing port. Three rivers all gather here and empty into the Pacific. It is beautiful! How I wish I could explore and not be stuck inside all day!

Unfortunately, I will not get to visit the The Nature Conservancy's Reserve this trip, as it involves taking a vehicle and a ferry to get there, but I will enjoy what I get to see in Valdivia while I am here. It takes 11 hours to get to Valdivia from Santiago and I came on an overnight bus and will be leaving on an overnight bus the same day. Long trip for a meeting!!! However, I am thinking, though my trip is short, I am going to discover that this region is very similar to the temperate rainforests of Washington State. How cool!

Learn more about the Valdivian Coastal Reserve here.

I will be in Santiago this weekend and will get two full days to explore! Until then, wish me luck on the long bus ride home. I have plenty of podcasts to listen to if I can't sleep. Adios!

Valdivia, photo credit

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  1. Wow!!! That is a beautiful picture! I love fishing ports! It sounds like a long trip but very worthwhile. I look forward to more pictures and stories.