Friday, July 8, 2011

No Spend July Check In: Week One

It is now a week into the no spend July challenge. I am finding this especially hard because it is summer and a lot of opportunities come up to spend money. However, I've largely stayed on track. My budget this month is to spend $160 on food (which I will find out how reasonable that is for one person) and $40 on gas. I also have $40 cash to spend on whatever I want. My budget is $240 this month. Everything else after bills goes directly into savings. So how am I doing? Below you will find my totals so far.

  • Grocery budget ($160 for the month): $29.12
  • Gas budget ($40 for the month): $0
  • Spending money ($40 for the month): $6.32

As you can see I am on track. Luckily the first week of the month I was visiting my Dad so he generously fed me. This week I've had some left overs but now my groceries are quickly disappearing. I will be shopping tomorrow in the mindset of keeping my meals simple, healthy, and affordable. I have yet to set foot in my car this month. Last weekend I took the bus to my Dad's for the 4th of July, which is free with my bus pass. This weekend I am staying put. As for my spending money, I spent $2.50 on a blueberry scone this morning on the way to work. When you start living more frugally you start thinking things like, "For $2.50 I could of bought a bag of english muffins that would of lasted me a whole week of breakfasts." I also purchased a small lunch at a local cafe ($3.50) because I ran out of food to pack a lunch of my own (a common way to spend money eating out). Luckily I have about $34 of spending money left for the month, but I do have some outings coming up with friends in the next week, so I will have to try to use this cash sparingly. I must admit having cash on hand, and knowing that it is all I have to spend, is a good mental help to reducing my spending. Too often I whip out my debit card and pay little attention to what I am buying.

How is your no spend month going?

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  1. You are so right about having cash on hand! It is the virtual money that gets you into trouble because you don't touch it our feel it the way you do with cash. Good for you! I need to be better about that.