Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Big Community Garage Sale!

I remember as a kid our whole block would get together for one weekend out of the year and have a big garage sale. It was so much fun! I remember gathering what stuff I could from my room to sell so I could get a few extra dollars. It works both ways, though. I also remember going to my share of garage sales and finding some pretty amazing stuff at just the right price!

That is why I am a huge fan of the community garage sale. Sometimes it can be a pain looking up garage sales one by one in the paper. But at a community garage sale, everyone is selling at the same place. It makes selling and buying so much easier.

This weekend in my community of West Seattle, over 250 garage sales will be occurring! How cool is that? Talk about coordination! Last year I went to this event and it was great. I bought a couple books, a colorful kitchen stool, and some antique doilies. But I saw plenty more including kitchen items, electronics, clothing, collectibles, and plants. I didn't even have to study a map, I just walked around the neighborhoods looking at stuff. And my goodness, there is a lot of stuff out there! I'm convinced that for every brand new item for sale in this world there are a handful of used items that are just as good. Remember how sad the toys were in Toy Story 3 when no one cared about them anymore? I feel like Paul McCartney's song Junk should be cued in right about here. There is a home for just about everything!

If you live in Seattle, come check out this wonderful event. If not, consider planning one in your own community! It's a good way to get to know your neighbors too.


Motor Cars, Handle Bars
Bicycles for Two
Broken Hearted Jubilee
Parachutes, Army Boots
Sleeping Bags for Two
Sentimental Jamboree

Buy Buy
Says the Sign in the Shop Window
Why Why
Says the Junk in the Yard

Candlesticks, Building Bricks
Something Old and New
Memories for You and Me

Buy Buy
Says the Sign in the Shop Window
Why Why
Says the Junk in the Yard

Lyrics by Paul McCartney

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