Monday, March 14, 2011

Sew a Button On It

Ok, so I am a novice when it comes to sewing. In fact, I am such a novice, I couldn't even sew a button on a shirt until yesterday. It makes me wonder if anyone else out there doesn't know how to sew a button either? I could of improvised, but I wanted my effort to at least look professional. The whole process of sewing a button takes less than five minutes and is practically fool proof, so it was a good first project to begin with. I am making it a goal this year to learn how to sew. I've always thought of sewing as a crafty hobby, which it is, but sewing is also practical and is an important skill that in recent decades has been lost and is no longer a part of our everyday lives. Why wouldn't we sew things ourselves? It can save us some money, money we normally spend on alterations, home decor, and clothing. Learning how to sew can come in handy for making curtains, hemming pants, altering clothing, cloth napkins, quilts, aprons, and great hand made gifts. I didn't have to think much or search long looking for a sewing mentor. There is one person in my life that I consider to be very skilled at sewing, and that is my Grandmother Eileen.

I got to spend the weekend with her so I brought my yellow cardigan that needed mending. She taught me to sew the button from picking out the thread, threading it through the needle, placing the button, and then sewing it in place. Like I said, easy! Instead of deciding not to wear my sweater anymore or taking it to my local alterations lady, I learned how to do it myself. It felt good. In the coming months, I plan to spend even more time learning from my Grandmother including learning to hem pants, sew draft snakes to keep near drafty windows and doors, make placemats, and one day a skirt or dress. This all means I may need to invest soon in a decent sewing machine! All I know is, I need to pick up the basic skills so I'll keep starting small.

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  1. Oh I love that you have a Grandma who sews! The home arts are fading away but we can be the few who pass it on to the next generation. Keep up the good work! xo Caroline

  2. Yeah Erica, I want you to teach me too. It is so special that Grandma can help you learn the tricks of the trade. I'm really proud that I know how to can stuff now! Cool! I love your blog.

  3. Great job on your sewing! You are far ahead of me. :)
    And also wanted to mention that I was looking around your blog and saw your post about Moscow, Idaho.
    That is my home town! I grew up there until I moved to Wyoming at age 18. Sadly though, I didn't really appreciate it until several years after I left... Now I enjoy all the "culture" when I go back to visit, since my parents still live there.
    Thanks for sharing your post at the Homestead Barn Hop this week!