Sunday, January 23, 2011

Lucky Thrift Store Finds

Above: A set of vintage looking placemats and cloth napkins. I love the old-timey red checkerboard material so was super excited to get a set of four cloth napkins for $2.99! No need to buy paper napkins when you've got these. The green and white placemats have pretty lace and needle work accents for nice table settings for just a $1.99 each for a set of 4.

This weekend I ventured out to Goodwill in Seattle. I am no stranger to thrift stores, having been to many in the past. This year, however, I am trying even harder to buy used clothes and other household items rather than going to the store and buying these things new. I think it takes a shift in thinking to do this especially if you are use to doing all your shopping at department stores or big box stores like Target. But I must say, if you are willing to make more of a commitment to not buying all your stuff new, you'll find some amazing finds and save so much money doing so! I'm sure you can think of at least ten things you want to save up your money for. Shopping at thrift stores can get you closer to your goals. I think of it as a treasure hunt. Make a list of things you are looking for before you go. Here are some of my finds.

Above: Pot holder and oven mitt. I'm always in need of a good pot holder and oven mitt especially when they are priced at $1.99 each! These two finds are so cute and will look nice in my kitchen for all the baking I will be doing this year.

Above: Cozy throw blanket. When I saw this blanket, I imagined myself taking naps on my couch or snuggled up reading a good book. It was just $5.99 and will look great on my couch and hopefully keep me from thinking twice about turning on my heat!

Above: Two window curtains. The color of these curtains reminds me of the sea. My closet doesn't have doors so I've been wanting to get curtains for awhile now but they were always so expensive. The curtains originally came from World Market and there they charge $19.99 per curtain! These two were a mere $2.99 each!

Above: Nine West button down cardigan. This sweater is the best. It is easy to find good clothing finds at thrift stores and name brand stuff as well. I'm looking forward to wearing this sweater in spring with a cute skirt. It was $5.99.

Above: Coleman Cooler. Super excited to find this. Actually, there were like five varieties to choose from but I liked the size of this one. I've already washed it thoroughly in the sink and it looks brand new. In fact, I looked at the bottom and it was made in the good old USA back in the day when the USA made its own stuff. It was $4.99. I will be using this cooler to make yogurt. I've got my first batch in it right now (I'll write all about yogurt making in my next blog post, stay tuned).

As you can tell, there are lots of great things at thrift stores. You'll quickly forget all about those expensive departments stores and your pocket book will thank you. Get shopping and find some treasures of your own! I would love to hear what you come home with!


  1. WOW! Those are some great finds! You really got those at the thrift store! That is so awesome! Great work! You have inspired me to go to the thrift store more often! Thanks!

  2. I have found that ovens are great places to make yogurt. In addition to the built-in bulb I run a second light (ie heat lamp or shop light) into the oven. The oven bulb is usually 40W and I use another 40W in the extra lamp. At an ambient temperature of 60-70F the 80 watts keep the oven around 125F with the door closed. The temperature is perfect and there is space to fit as many mason jars as I want.