Monday, November 1, 2010

Return of the Fireside Chat

Good evening, Friends.

We are everywhere all the time so it seems. We are at work, on the bus, in our cars often running around like chickens with their heads cut off. It definitely feels like it sometimes doesn't it? Tired of the running around? Ever wonder what it is like to sit at home, relax next to a warm fire, and really enjoy Fall evenings? Perhaps next to a lamp with some comfy slippers and a hot beverage? And I'm not talking about the holidays. This could be part of the routine, too. Back in 1933, President Franklin D. Roosevelt gave thirty informal evening radio speeches to America highlighting topics covered in the legislative session. Families gathered around the radio to listen in, getting the latest news while hearing the President speak. Today, we may not all gather around the radio to listen to the President but we certainly crowd around the television. We have satellite cable, Netflix, youtube, Hulu, and a suite of other forms of media catering to our entertainment. I enjoy these things just as much as the next person, but after awhile it actually feels like freedom to turn the TV off. I know, crazy. But there is some pretty awesome radio programming and podcasts these days. Give it a try one evening. Turn the TV off and feel old fashioned by listening instead of watching. Listen while you spend time on leisurely projects like fixing up your bike, knitting, or baking. Or simply, just grab a blanket and a comfy seat. American journalist Sydney J. Harris once said, "The time to relax is when you don't have time for it."

Here are a list of a few of my favorites. What are yours?

Who's Bad Now Radio,, Americana/Alt Country Music (Tuesday's 7-9 pm)
The Roadhouse,, American Blues/Roots Music (Wednesday's 6-9 pm)
SingOut Radio, (Anytime, Listen Live)
Fresh Cuts, (Anytime, Listen Live)
Sound Sessions, Smithsonian Folkways, Preserving our National Music Treasures (Podcast, Anytime, Updated Weekly)
Good Food with Even Klieman, (Podcast, Anytime, Update Weekly)
Deconstructing Dinner,, Stories About our Food Supply (Podcast, Anytime, Updated Weekly)
Greenhorn Radio, Interviews of Cutting Edge Young Farmers (Podcast, Anytime, Updated Weekly)
Living on Earth, Weekly Environmental News (Anytime, Updated Weekly)
This American Life (Podcast, Anytime, Updated Weekly)
FDR Fireside Chats, The American Presidency Project (Anytime)

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