Monday, August 30, 2010

End the Summer Right with Blackberry Crisp

The evil bushes have done it again! They grow all over the place, invading the world, but one month out of the year I will let them win the battle and that is in August. I've been checking in over the last couple of weeks and I would say right now is peak blackberry picking time. I decided, since they are free, delicious, in season, healthy, and free why not get a casserole dish or two from your pantry and set out to find some. Go forage your neighborhood.

I did this last week in West Seattle. Not knowing exactly where to go, I put some tupperware containers in my backpack, got on my bike and started riding. I rode past parks, and houses with big lots, and side streets but I found the best place of all was at elementary schools. The high schools were no good, elementary schools were where it was happening. So I got off my bike and picked and picked. Now, I didn't get a whole lot. I wouldn't say West Seattle is the best place in the world to pick blackberries, you can prove me wrong, but I got enough to make a lovely blackberry crisp. And just this last weekend, I spent a whole day at my Dad's house in Gig Harbor without a car. Gasp! So instead of dreaming of all the wonderful blackberry spots I could possibly drive to, I grabbed a casserole dish and my tennis shoes and headed right down the hill to my neighbor's house. He didn't mind, but he also didn't see me. This time I picked quite a few blackberries. Made another blackberry crisp and was even able to freeze several Ziplock bags full. With blackberries going for $3 to $4 a pint in stores, why not set some time aside and pick about $20 worth yourself and make a nice end of the summer treat that is enjoyed best this time of year.

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  1. I don't know about west Seattle, but definitely around the UW campus and the Burke Gilman trail north of the UW is a great place for blackberry picking. Also around this time of year the U-pick blueberry should start showing up. My cousins last year picked a lot for not too much cost. We're still working on what they brought over.