Monday, May 3, 2010

Dill, Parsley, and Chives

My herb garden has been planted (although, there is plenty of space to add more!) It at least has been given a good start to grow. It could get a little sunnier and the herbs would grow even faster, but I found just enough dill, parsley, and chives to make a delicious lemon caper butter sauce to go with the filet of cod in my refrigerator. I must say, taking the time to cook a meal tonight was well worth it. When I sat down to eat, I felt very satisfied, feeling though I had treated myself! A great way to start the week. I kicked my legs up and savored the meal. Here is what I cooked. This is so simple!

My Aunt lives in California and I saw her recently at a family reunion. She brought fresh, ripe lemons with her from a tree in her yard and shared them with the family. I squeezed about a third of a cup of fresh lemon juice for the sauce into a bowl. I walked out to my front porch with my kitchen sheers and snipped fresh chives, parsley, and dill. I brought them back to my cutting board and diced them finely (about 1 Tbsp of each). I then took a clove of garlic and did the same. Next, I melted about two tablespoons of butter, adding to it the garlic and capers (here, you have the freedom to add as much as you want of each- I added about one heaping teaspoon of capers). They simmered together on low in the melted butter to let their flavors combine. While the fish was baking in the oven with a little salt and pepper and lemon juice, I added some olive oil to the butter sauce and waited until the very end to add the lemon juice, freshly diced herbs, and another one to two tablespoons of butter. That's it! A few fresh herbs from the garden goes a long way!

The cod was tender, flaky, and sweet which paired very well with the saltiness of the capers and bright notes of the lemon juice. I served the fish with whole wheat cous cous and a tossed salad with red onions and shredded carrots in a sun dried tomato pesto vinaigrette! I'm really glad I made enough for my lunch tomorrow! I would love to know, in what creative ways are you using your garden herbs?

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