Wednesday, February 24, 2010

A Pep Talk to Myself

I am definitely one for pep talks but they tend to apply to others rather than myself. Not today. Today I spent the evening with some of my friends catching up and having fun. We got into a discussion about what life is like in your late twenties. It is interesting that even when you are young you can feel old or how it is you can be old and yet still feel young. Which one is it? I think I could feel both depending on the day. But perhaps there is something to be discovered here about wisdom and maturity, grace and exuberance. My conclusion from the discussion, when we feel old we think about things we have yet to do, dreams we have yet to live, opportunities perhaps we have missed or have yet to take. When we feel young, we think about the possibilities that lay before us and the plans we are making. Now, being old and feeling old can be two entirely different things. I am holding dear, the desire to be both wise and young at heart. To embrace life at each moment regardless of expectation. And in the spirit of the times, like an athlete, hone in on what it is you want and go for it. Train and practice and be brave. Be an Olympian of your dreams.

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