Monday, February 1, 2010

Jump Start Your Week

I needed a jump start to my week, it being Monday and all. So, I decided to get out my Mexican cookbook and celebrate the week's beginning with a festive and bright meal, chorizo tacos with potato, onion, and mushrooms. Eating them this evening instantly made me feel like a rodeo queen or at least, for a moment, like I was basking in the sun on some Mexican beach on a month long vacation. And noticing today, while looking at my most recent pay stub, that I barely have three days of vacation, I'll go ahead and take what I can!

The best thing about this meal is it's fast. You can add as much or as little meat as you would like or it can be made vegetarian. I took about eight to twelve ounces of chorizo sausage and sauteed it on the stove until cooked through then added one diced white onion and about six ounces of mushrooms also chopped. Take three potatoes and shred them coarsely (with a cheese grader) and add to the mixture until cooked through. Mix in a half cup of chopped cilantro at the end and serve with salsa, sour cream, or guacamole. The onion and potatoes in this recipe are in season now at your area farmer's markets and in grocery stores. If you choose to eat this meal vegetarian, add spice and flavor with jalepenos or, if you are brave, habanero peppers, which will surely give you a kick (and maybe some leftovers) to last you through the week.

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