Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Restaurant Review: Fresh Bistro

This week I went out with two friends of mine to a new restaurant in West Seattle called Fresh Bistro. Ok, so I had to gently hint that I wanted to go there for a few weeks before they decided to come because, as I am discovering, I just might be developing a bit of a reputation as a food snob. I don't know what counts as a food snob exactly, or if I'm officially there, but I do enjoy a nice gourmet dinner every once in awhile but also won't turn my nose up at corn dogs and macaroni salad from the grocery store deli counter. This time around, however, I was wanting the former. Fresh Bistro was an easy choice because the concept around the restaurant follows the theme I've established for this blog, that local food is delicious, plentiful, and a fun way to explore community. The menu at Fresh Bistro is quite diverse with a variety of internationally inspired meals with a unique Northwest twist. With that in mind, we had a bit of a disappointing experience and here's why. First, for all of us that buy local or organic produce we are well aware of the price tags for these items. Pair that with a trendy urban atmosphere and the menu prices become much less affordable for someone who depends on a non-profit salary. I knew that, however, and was willing to splurge for the chance of eating some delicious food! Let me introduce you to our waiter. His name was Tallan. With a somewhat frightening name, he was a friendly man, and for all purposes had the appearance of being on the top of his game. He was able to bring us our drinks and table rolls just fine. In fact, the rolls were delicious topped with chive blossom butter. He then brought us our meals (Da da dun...). My friend and I got Copper River Salmon with a huckleberry sauce and sauteed mushrooms as a side dish. Unfortunately, it was raw in the middle, so we had to send both pieces back. He apologized, of course, and promised dessert on the house. When it came to dessert, we ordered a flourless night and day chocolate cake. It must look really pretty when it comes out of the oven, a dark chocolate cake with a molten white chocolate core, but we had no time to appreciate it's beauty because on the way out to our table, the cake collapsed all over the plate. (I am not one to let chocolate go to waste, so he kindly left it on the table). He promised us another dessert upon the failing of the first, again on the house. So, this time we ordered a lemon shortcake. But a couple minutes later, he returned with a "this can't be happening to me" expression and said he is really sorry but they had run out of the lemon shortcake. Third times a charm, right!? So, this time we ordered lumpia, again on the house. The lumpia had baby bananas rolled up in a pastry set atop a vanilla caramel sauce. I also enjoyed a really great cup of coffee from Caffe Vita. Our dining experience was interesting, to say the least. I was disappointed in the salmon, but felt the service, all mistakes aside, was good and accommodating. After thoroughly exploring the dessert menu, I am willing to give Fresh Bistro one more try, but perhaps during happy hour when I can sample more non dessert menu items at an affordable price. Now, if I can just figure out why I was charged three times for my meal...

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