Wednesday, June 10, 2009

My Market Break

Did I ever mention I have a view of Elliot Bay from my desk? Or that I work one block away from Pike Place Market? Or that the basement floor of my work building houses one of the best Irish Pubs in Seattle? Or that if I count all the coffee shops within a one block radius I would run out of fingers to count on? Ok, I'll stop bragging. Despite these wonderful things, more than not, I find myself glued to my desk like if I was working in a large government office with no windows. Thankfully, that isn't the case. Today, I took my break, the break I should always take. I rolled my chair out from my desk, stood up, grabbed my bag, shot a quick glance at the ferries passing by, headed downstairs, outside, and to the market for my market break. 
The Spring and Summer months are wonderful in Seattle. Today is was a nice 70 degree day, with a slight salty breeze coming from the water, and a few puffy clouds in far off places. Pike Place is always busy but especially this time of year. By now I've managed to find my best routes through the crowds.  I pass Le Panier, where I often buy an amandine (almond cream croissant) or a dauphinois (puff pastry with shredded potato, bacon, and cheese). Of course, one can visit the first original Starbucks, however I often pass it by because of the long lines. But I'll stroll past on Fridays because the Tallboys, a favorite local bluegrass band, will be playing their music.
Beecher's Cheese shop is another Pike Place favorite of mine. If I'm lucky enough I can watch them churn the milk through the windows as a buy my own slice of the Flagship cheddar they are famous for. It has a creamy nutty flavor with a waxy flaky texture. Perfect for mac and cheese, which of course you can also buy. There are many vegetable and fruit stands in Pike Place Market. Like any market, or supermarket for that matter, you can buy just about anything, but I always look for the local seasonal produce offerings. By now, my afternoon walk has left me thirsty and I couldn't help but notice the fresh smoothies at Tiny's Organic Farm's fruit stand. Tiny's is a small organic farm in Wenatchee, WA. They provide produce throughout the year to area farmers markets. Strawberries, peaches, and cherries were what they brought with them today and that is exactly what made it into my smoothie. It was delicious and sweet, sweet and delicious! I made my way back to work pleasantly happy to finish the day.

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  1. Reading that was torture. I want to come home :(